woensdag 13 juni 2012

My Progress

The First term of Animschool has finished!
It was really great! I had a blast with my fellow students,
With the beautiful Anthea Kerou as mentor of whom I have learned a Lot!
And Tony Bonilla with his crazy obsession of growing a moustache.

It's now a 2 week spring break
but I'm already looking forward to the next term!

Here has been my progress so far:

And Also super good news from David Gallagher,
Jeff Gabor is going to review some work of students!!!

SUPER AWESOMEnessssssssss! 

Big Sister

For many years I have been the little sister.
The youngest of 10 children and not to mention a really really spoiled brat.
Those were the days, blaming my brother and if that did not work drag him down with me.
Steal a lot of cookies and my brothers cookies.
Having my big sisters dragging me all sorts of places, without my brother.

But now the tables have turned,
I am the big sister!
It's both thrilling and inspirational!

dinsdag 12 juni 2012


Planning for the future!
Sometimes I wish I had a time controller.
Everything can go so slow and sometimes way to fast.
But staying in the same place for to long can be such a drag...
 Mayby it's time a new place?

But enough worrying, here is a sculpty: