donderdag 11 juli 2013

Thats Unacceptable

Term 5 has ended and I only have 2 terms left to go.... and I have to say, I am going to miss animschool. I got so accustomed to getting up in the early morning and work till late at night for my animation shots. During the vacation I suddenly woke up thinking I got class to attend.. :p

In this post I'm going to go more into dept in my new animation shot.
It was the first dialogue I did in animschool and I chose a sound from the film RatRace, about a woman that goes completely Bonkerssss.
I also had a new mentor Garrett Shikuma who is an awesome animator at bluesky!!  He could pin point the problem in your shot and he was always so friendly when giving feedback, which gave me a really good vibe and made this term really great!

This was my reference movie:

As I am doing ref I try do it in many different ways, to see what works and what not.
Shooting reference was in the beginning really hard to do, I had to get used to work in front of a camera or people who could see me going totally nuts. Doing the same jump over and over again or running one way and back... I think many people slowly started to walk away from me :p

But I came to see it more and more that good reference is key to having a really good animation!!
So F*ck the other poeple and gooo as nuts as you can :D

(As you can see you really really don't want me to be mad :D)

My First Blokking Pass:

During the first pass I try to get my key poses and the timing as correct as possible.
After that I do a second pass to see if all the poses are working and which poses I can really push more. The blokking passes are the ones I struggle the most because it the base of your animation! From then on it is just adding, and adding untill it is completely finalized.

The Final:

Unacceptable from Laura Loossens on Vimeo.

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